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Compression Technology

Compared to prior generations of MPEG4 and MPEG2 technologies, H.264 video quality and performance is significantly better. Even with its higher quality video the H.264 file packet size is at least 25% smaller than MPEG4 and 50% smaller than MPEG2, requires significantly less bandwidth and offers rapid download times. Unlike the earlier MPEG technologies, H.264 is capable of stabilizing images.

In contrast with 11-year-old MPEG2 and 7-year-old MPEG4 standards which were developed for TV and entertainment, the H.264 codec was designed with commercial security as one of its applications in mind.

H.264 is the standard for HDTV and runs everything from your mobile phone to Playstation, Quicktime and has been adopted by everyone from Microsoft and Apple to Intel and Motorola.