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Although Digital Video Recorders are relatively new there is already a well-defined customer base and it’s growing daily. Like anything else-success stories travel quickly. Prudent business suggests that looking at who’s using the product is usually a good indication of the level of quality.

Just because a company or an installer was capable with analog products does not translate to digital solutions. Just because a company is a household name doesn’t mean they are a safe bet. Remember, many of the products in the marketplace are not manufactured by the companies that peddle them.

Most recently, a couple of the most popular companies in our business were sourcing product from a company in Asia. That overseas company got into financial trouble and there was a ripple effect. Unfortunately, for the people who bought solutions based on that architecture, good luck in the future getting support.

Similarly, another major industry participant was buying product from a third party, and that company was recently purchased by a competitor. So what is the likelihood that the product will receive continued support. So ask the right questions and know what you are buying and understand that buying a big name doesn’t necessarily buy you job security.