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There is nothing more important than the safety of your business. At Aventura Technologies Inc, we understand this and have designed each of our CCTV security solutions products with your safety in mind. This mindset has led us to become a leading innovator in security design and development.

These claims aren’t just fancy marketing. We were first to market with H.264 compression capabilities in 2003 (well ahead of mass industry adoption) and followed that up with H.265 in 2013.

We offer video surveillance hardware, software, and a full range of peripheral solutions from entry-level to the enterprise. Our superior products have made us a market leader in image compression technology. We back this claim up with product capabilities like intelligent image processing, excellent image quality, and offering up to 256 channels on a network recorder. This reputation has led to governments, military, and large enterprises around the world trusting our products.

In a world where everything has a cost, peace of mind is priceless. Do what is best for the safety of your organization: Contact us today.

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