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The Hardware Components

We started out by saying some people consider a DVR, a PC with a video capture card and some special software.

There are PC’s that cost a few hundred dollars, and there are enterprise grade computer servers that cost $10’s of thousands. This is the one place you need horsepower in the form of motherboard, controllers, processors, memory, etc. Like any other product there are inexpensive solutions with questionable reliability and there is best-of-breed where quality and stability are a given.

Being deficient in any one area brings us back to bottlenecking – once again, you are only as fast as your slowest component.

Another concern is not only having the best and the fastest components but ones that are well matched. Remember, the company that manufactures one component is not the same as the one who makes maybe the motherboard or the system memory. So while you may have the best of the best, it does not necessarily mean they are the best solution together. Many times when certain combinations are put together they are unstable or do not work at all.

Manufactures can usually settle on a set of compatible hardware. The problem is its short lifespan. Next year, components are obsolete and you have to try to match new components and plan for backwards and forwards compatibility. The process is an ever moving target. Some manufacturers will just stockpile a set of components and 3 years from now you are buying 6 generation old technology.