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The Heartbeat of your DVR

We like to think of a DVR as a living, breathing being which deserves the quality care and attention of any beloved.

As such, your DVR should have some sort of “heartbeat” or health monitor program that constantly transmits data to let you know that it’s alive and well. In the event that your DVR became ill or could no longer perform its duties, you probably want to be immediately notified.

Often, DVR manufacturers will tout a “hardware watchdog” feature. This function detects problems in your machine and tries to reboot the DVR to correct itself. When the DVR fails, the system is supposed to notify you. However, that may not be possible in certain circumstances.

What if your DVR failed and was unable to restart itself? How could it possibly notify you?
The answer is, you need some sort of third-party notification program that transmits an emergency message when it stops communicating with your DVR. This software must be located on an external machine, as opposed to the disabled DVR which cannot help itself and transmit.